4 water safety tips for families


mom and baby in pool wearing minnow

we’re embracing summer and all that comes with it, including reminders for water safety. as you’re stocking up on new swimwear and spending time at your favorite ocean, lake or pool, encourage your family to prioritize safety in the sun and sea with the below tips curated with Abby Walters, founder of Abby’s Aquatic Academy.

  1. apply sunscreen with makeup brushes. make the task fun by “painting” sunscreen on each other before going out in the sun!
  2. use sidewalk chalk to draw a “boundary line” outside. teach children that they cannot cross the line without an adult, indicating safety boundaries around the water.
  3. learn how to crawl on the wall. practice going from the deep end to the shallow end of the pool using the “choo-choo train” technique. 
  4. teach bobs. this life saving technique can be used to get to safety in the case of an emergency. bend knees and propel yourself upwards, moving from deep to shallow water.
Abby’s Aquatic Academy is a private at-home swim lesson service based in Charleston, South Carolina. Abby and her team provide lessons aimed to build your child’s confidence in and around the water for ages 9 months - 6 years old.