All Aboard, Annapolis!

We have arrived in Annapolis, Maryland and we are ready to set sail in this sea-side capital! With its colonial charm by the bay and its centuries-old brownstones, we can't wait to explore this gem of a city and eat crab cakes from morning till night! We'll be sure to send a postcard from America's shining city! Sunshine awaits...

1.) MDS Stripe Woman's Red Stripe Dress

2.) Boys Light Blue/Navy Seersucker Sailor (Bella Bliss)

3.) loeffler Randall red sandals

4.) minnow swim stripe ruffle one piece

5.) jcrew cherry hoop earrings

6.) solid & striped gingham bikini top

7.) solid & striped bikini bottoms

8.) minnow swim marine briefs

9.) Clare v. Tote bag

10.) Clare v. Pom Pom tassel

11.) 14.) Gingham Bucket Sun Hat

12.) jenni kayne Panama hat

13.) sugar paper brass stamp holder