caring for your minnow

how do I care for my minnow suits?

to keep your swimsuit looking its best, here are some helpful care tips:

  1. after each use, give your swimsuit a quick rinse.
  2. show your swimsuit some love by giving it a gentle hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent.
  3. to dry, lay it flat — do not tumble dry! make sure it’s fully dry before storing.
  4. remember, no bleaching or ironing!
  5. tip: some sunscreens contain the ingredient avobenzone which can cause discoloration of swimwear.

for sand removal

take quick action! 

a brisk shake can help with the removal of any surface sand. shake off your minnow suit outside, then, turn your suit inside out and shake again. 

rinse for 10 minutes

place your minnow suit in cool water for ten minutes. target areas of highly accumulated sand and rinse the sand out with your hands as much as possible. 

allow your suit to dry completely

take a clean dry towel and gently press your suit to remove excess water. you can also gently roll your suit into the clean towel to help squeeze out additional water. lay your suit flat to dry. 

give it another shake! 

once your suit is completely dry, take it outside for another round of shaking. moisture left in your suit can allow for sand to stick to fabric. the remaining sand should easily come off with a few vigorous shakes.