styling minnow in mexico!

stylist sarah lowe escapes to mexico this resort season and is sharing a variety of ways to style her littles in minnow from head to toe! 

what is your favorite piece from the minnow resort 19' collection?

that is tough, but i love the new rashguard one piece silhouette and i'm begging morgan to make it for adults (not happening). the bow in the back is everything and manages to be cool while still so sweet with the ruffle detail around the leg. but most importantly, that extra sun coverage, which equals less sunblock application, is a gift to parents everywhere.
I love the antique floral boardies. florals in boys swimwear are often loud and obnoxious but minnow's florals are soft, light and delicate which makes them especially cool on the boys because they are a little unexpected.
my favorite color of the collection is the seafoam. it has enough pigment to not get too dirty when digging in sand and climbing on rocks at the beach, but it is still so light and airy. and seafoam in those briefs, forget it. is there anything cuter than a little toddler running around in minnow briefs?

what is your favorite resort 19' pairing/look for both boy + girl?

minnow's collections are so easy to buy because every piece goes together. there are literally no bad pairings. on second thought, this actually makes the buying process extremely hard because i want it all! if i have to narrow it down, it would be the seafoam briefs with the hazelnut stripe rashguard for the boys and the antique floral rashguard over (or if you are my daughter, under) the seafoam stripe tie back bikini. because the collection pairs so well together, i like to see it mixed. 

what inspired you to style the rashguard under the bikini for your daughter clementine?

i'm lazy with sunblock, so when my daughter clementine got her first bikini (that was of course minnow) i made up a "bikini rule" that she has to wear a rashguard with it until 4pm. clementine was not about to cover up her new (and only) bikini for an entire day, so she wisely put the rashguard under the bikini instead of over it. when she walked out, i don't know if i was more proud of her creative problem solving or her cool pairing. it was so darling and makes for a fun mixture of colors and patterns. 

where do you look to for inspiration when styling for minnow?

honestly, morgan has such a curated and perfected eye for minnow that i mostly look to her vision and the current collection for the most inspiration. for resort 19', the palette was so airy and fresh with the stripes and delicate floral that i wanted to add something with styling that didn't complicate it. i have a huge collection of vintage handkerchiefs and scarves from my mother and grandmother, so we used a few of those to tie in the girls ponytail or put around their topknots. it added a soft texture and some movement in the photos, but didn't take away from the suits. 

whose style inspires you?

i am all over the map. i love the way that rodarte mixes delicate colors and textures but i also love the over the top ball gowns of giambattista valli. i like fun cheeky brands like Shrimps and more tailored and simple brands like ALC. for kids, especially my kids, i want them to look like kids. i never want them to be in clothes that look uncomfortable or restricting. they should be able to run, jump, dance and play.