minnow mama : chelsea davidson

meet our next minnow mama, chelsea davidson and her darling two children, clara + charlie!

tell us a little about yourself...

hi! my name is chelsea, i live in centerville, utah and i have two cute redheads. clara is 5 and loves peppa pig and playing make believe. charlie is my cuddle bug, he loves to dance and will start dancing the second he hears music; his favorite as of late is the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack. i am a stay at home momma who is an 80 year old at heart. i'm a wanna be photographer and i love planning birthday parties and celebrating every holiday. 

what brings you the most joy as a mother?

nothing makes me happier than reading to my kids every night. when they were younger, they had so much energy that story time didn't really happen and now they are just inthralled with every page; it makes it so fun. i love watching them perform and often bawl my eyes out. and going on adventures with them, even if its just a scooter ride down the street. 

your life (or) family motto?

work hard and be grateful 

what is your favorite beach in the world?

we recently ventured to oahu, so i would have to say that waimea beach is my favorite. so beautiful! 

your next travel destination...

our next travel destination is island park, idaho. it isn't anyplace that is very fancy or exotic, but my family has been going there for over 50 years and it holds a special place in my heart. so beautiful and peaceful.