minnow mama : elaina bellis

at minnow, one of our biggest sources of inspiration is all of you, our #minnowmamas! follow along this mother's day as we share some of the women we adore!
art director and model, elaina bellis, is a strong woman with a genuine heart and mama to identical twin baby girls who are seriously cute. her instagram feed is a beautiful representation of motherhood with elements of her elevated, yet understated style woven throughout. she shares with us a closer look into her life in california with her family as well as some of her biggest motherhood takeaways.
what is in your beach bag? a woven basket bag I got off etsy
 favorite beach to take your family? moonlight beach in encinitas, ca
what has surprised you about motherhood? how much I can handle!
what is the greatest lesson you've learned from your own mother?
my mom passed away when i was 15 so i'd say she taught me that life is short and to really stay in the present moment and enjoy all that life has to offer you.
what are your favorite family traditions? all of christmas traditions are my favorite i think. decorating the tree, cookies, and all that comes with christmas is my favorite!
what is your life /family motto? let it go
what inspires you as a mother?
not sweating the small stuff, and that i have zero control over any outcome so just trying to remain chill and excepting each moment for what it is.