minnow mama : jessica morse


say hello to our newest minnow mama, jessica morse of bare beauty blog! she is an expert in the world of clean beauty and mama of two sweet littles (and our most recent mama model!). we ask jessica all about her clean beauty faves as well as how she's staying sane these days! 

where do you find style inspiration from for yourself and your littles? 

for myself and for my children, i am drawn to classic pieces with a little twist or edge. 

how did you discover minnow and what initially drew you to the brand?

i discovered minnow at a pop up in charleston about 3 years ago. i loved the timelessness of the pieces, and i used to be a swim buyer, so i could tell the quality of the fabric and construction was great. there is nothing worse than spending $75 on a kids' swimsuit when it doesn't even get you through an entire summer! we don't have that problem anymore. 

what are your favorite minnow pieces? 

i love the boy's briefs because chubby little legs don't get chafed. and i purchase a pink ruffle one piece for my daughter every year. she says it makes her feel like a ballerina. :)

what is your favorite beach to take your family to?

we love kiawah island. the beach there is so pristine. it's peaceful, and it feels like we're far away, yet we are only 45 minutes from home.

how are you "treating yourself" or staying sane during this quarantine? 

being a mom and business owner, i haven't had much time to myself, so i resort to 20-minute hot baths before bed. it's done the trick. wine has also been helpful!  

what are some of your favorite clean beauty and makeup products?

most of my favorite clean beauty products are by RMS beauty; their luminizers are life-changing. for skincare, i am a die-hard true botanicals devotee. 

what has made you so passionate about the clean beauty industry? 

8 or 9 years ago, i was having trouble becoming pregnant and i became aware of the term "toxic load". i realized that i needed to eliminate as many toxins from my life as was reasonably possible. being a product junkie, i vowed to replace every product in my medicine cabinet, makeup bag and shower with a clean version that i loved to use. shortly thereafter, my blog, bare beauty, was born.