minnow mama : jill atogwe

meet minnow mama jill atogwe! she is someone who finds the beauty in everyday life and can often be found adventuring around the world with her two littles who are as adorable as they come. jill's style is centered around classic simplicity and comfort - we couldn't agree more! continuing reading to learn more of jill's travels, inspirations and thoughts on motherhood.

- where do you find style inspiration from for yourself and your littles?

 i find style inspiration for myself in comfort. my answer used to be "flipping through magazines" or "my favorite celebrities" but honestly, after years of styling others and truly getting comfortable in my own skin, I reach for fabrics and shapes I know work well on me and find inspiration there. for my littles, I love a softer and more natural look. my daughter who turns 3 next month has yet to ever wear a true pair of pants or a pair of denim- softness and sweetness inspire her wardrobe. my son definitely swings more toward the cool side but keeping their clothes classic and simple is always my goal. 

- what are your favorite minnow pieces? 

my favorite minnow pieces are the rashguards by far. my littles have nigerian skin that draws the sun in an instant, so full coverage while still looking cute is a big win for me!

- where is your favorite family getaway?

our favorite family getaway will always be italy. we fell in love with the amalfi coast years ago and took our kids when they were 10 months and 2. we're always planning our next trip back! 

- what is your favorite minnow pairing/look?

my favorite minnow pairing is a rashguard over a one piece. my husband is determined to keep my daughter from a two piece until she goes to college (ha!) so one pieces are the winner for us. 

- what is your favorite beach to take your family to?

 my favorite beach to take our family to would have to be the beaches in capri or the white sugar sand beaches in florida. 

- how did you discover minnow and what initially drew you to the brand?

i discovered minnow through the blog 'could i have that' and was instantly drawn to the muted colors, the incredible quality and the classic design. 

- what brings you the most joy as a mother? 

the thing that gives me the most joy as a mother is being able to call these incredible gifts my very own. to be able to raise these little humans and teach them to love and be a light in this world is something i'll never take for granted. 

- your next travel destination is?

our next travel destination will likely be the east coast for a trip this autumn and i can hardly wait! but first, it's time to leave our lake-house in canada and get back to real life in texas.