minnow mama - natalie lindsey

so pleased and excited to introduce to you our next minnow mama, natalie  lindsey and her charming little girl, miss margot! 
tell us a little about yourself...
hi, i'm natalie. we live in a quaint little town in marin county, just north of san francisco. although i absolutely love our northern california life, i will forever consider myself a texan and refuse to lose my "ya'll". we have a 3 year old daughter named margot who is a complete trip. she loves music and has the best dance moves i've ever seen. i'm the designer and owner of a bridesmaid dress company called Natalie Deayala Collection. i also have a mommy and me line called Margot and Me. 
what brings you the most joy as a mother?
she's so enthusiastic about learning new things and it's just amazing to see how she is constantly observing everything around her. it's pretty wild that so much personality can be packed into such a tiny package. her hilarious personality, huge heart, and endless hugs and kisses make even the worst days joy filled. 
your life (or) family motto?
to love fiercely and have as much fun as possible. we are all about making memories and spending time together, lots of laughter and dance parties in our house. 
what is your favorite beach in the world?
my answer would have probably been very different before kids but our favorite place to vacation is rosemary beach, florida. it is a dream for families. white sand beaches, gorgeous homes, beach cruisers, great restaurants, so safe and just absolutely charming. 
your next travel destination is...