minnow mama : raewyn robbins

we are thrilled to feature our newest minnow mama, raewyn robbins and her darling girls olive age 5, and juniper age 3! not only was raewyn one of our first (and most loyal) customers, she has an incredible eye for design. her instagram feed (@olives.belle) offers serious travel inspiration and a closer look into her beautiful life.

where do you live?

we live in toronto, canada. 

you have amazing taste! describe your style...

thank you! i would describe my style as whimsical bohemian. we spend a lot of time in the country, so we are naturally drawn towards flowy dresses, comfy rompers and whimsical accessories. my style is also very feminine; i love a good ruffle and pastel colour pallet. the mabo mabel playsuit has always been a favourite of mine, so i was excited to see the mabo x minnow collaboration. 

favorite beach to take your family?

we are obsessed with pink sands beach on harbour island in the bahamas. we had been going for years before we had kids, and this was our second year in a row going back with the girls. everything about the island is absolute heaven - the adorable town, the food, the people, and of course, the pink sand beach. 

what has surprised you about motherhood?

i have found the "big girl transition" to be surprisingly hard. when i was pregnant with my first daughter i read SO much about what to expect during birth and the infant stage. but now that my girls are getting bigger and going to school, the issues have become trickier and can be very emotional. it's something that i often feel like i'm completely unprepared for. 


what is your life/family motto?

to be nice! now that our girls are in school we have tried really hard to make sure that being kind and inclusive is something that they strive for on a daily basis. 


what brings you the most joy as a mother?

watching my two girls grow as sisters has truly brought me so much joy. when juniper was a baby, olive would always ask us when she would be able to talk. we usually said, "oh i think when she's about one." so of course, on juniper's first birthday, olive was SO excited to wake her up in the morning because she thought that she would all of a sudden wake up and be able to speak! now that juni can talk and play, they are incredibly close. they can spend hours creating these incredible imaginary worlds using their stuffies and the environment around them. it is truly such an amazing thing to witness, and makes my mama heart very full. 

how did you discover minnow?

like most brands i discover these days, i found minnow on instagram. it was a photo of two sisters on a beach in hawaii looking very tanned and happy, wearing the blush ruffle one piece. it was love at first sight!

what is your all time favorite minnow piece?

the ruffle one piece will always have my heart. i just absolutely love the feminine silhouette and the girly ruffles. i am particularly partial to dusty plum and the minnow x LoveShackFancy biscotti posy print. 

what are your favorites from spring '19?

i'm completely smitten with the new ruffle collar one piece, especially in the italian floral print. i just love the back detail with the adorable bow and how it is a different take on ruffles. i also love the practicality of the rashguard one piece, and adore the new spring melone print. it's much brighter than what i'm usually drawn towards, but it feels just right as we head into spring.