minnow mama : whitney port

at minnow, one of our biggest sources of inspiration is all of you, our #minnowmamas! follow along this mother's day as we share some of the women we adore!
whitney port is a quintessential california girl with a strong sense of personal style that is laid back yet fun. she is an entrepreneur who has a keen eye for all things stylish and mama to her adorable son, sonny. read along as she opens up about those first moments of motherhood, as well as some of the surprises she's faced along the way.
what is in your beach bag?
beautycounter spray spf, beach people towel, snacks for the fam, hydroflask filled with water, aveeno spf face stick for sonny, hat attack hats! 
favorite beach to take your family?
we recently took sonny to cabo in mexico and it was unbelievable!!!! sonny was such a little beach bum and loved running around and falling in the sand. my husband also loves the beaches on long island, so i’m excited to take him there this summer! 
what has surprised you about motherhood?
it sounds crazy but i think i was surprised how much love i had to give another human. to be perfectly honest, it was a slow burn. i didn’t feel immediately connected to him but now i feel like he is an extension of my own body and i’d actually die for him. 
what is the greatest lesson you've learned from your own mother?
not to care about how anyone else was parenting. to really listen and act upon what timmy and I felt most comfortable doing. don’t just do something because it worked for someone else.