tell me about discount codes and redeemed loyalty points?

15% off welcome code is only applicable to first time customer orders. at this time, only one discount code or loyalty redemption code can be applied to your order. discount codes and redeemed loyalty codes cannot be stacked. loyalty points expire after one year after most recent purchase. learn more about loyalty program here.

tell me about monogramming?

monogrammed orders will take 14 business days to ship out and will ship all together once complete. monogramming may take up to 21 business due volume of sales. expedite shipping does not rush the embroidery process. please email customercare@minnowswim.com for additional monogram questions.

i found a website that looks legitimate and sells minnow products. is it real?

probably not. known as “rogue websites,” these sites mirror the look and feel of the official minnow website, or otherwise create the impression that they are associated with minnow, when in fact their products are fake.

an increasing number of these sites copy photographs, copy / text and logos from our official site. they may also offer a discount on the suggested retail price of an alleged minnow product to make customers believe they are receiving a good deal on real products.

authentic minnow products are available only in our minnow stores and select authorized department stores, specialty retailers and at minowswim.com. minnow does not have an online outlet website. 

please contact our customer service team with any questions, or to report counterfeit websites and products (customercare@minnowswim.com or (888) 479-3231. thank you for your help!

how do I care for my minnow suits?

to keep your swimsuit looking its best, here are some helpful care tips:

- after each use, give your swimsuit a quick rinse.

- show your swimsuit some love by giving it a gentle hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent.

- to dry, lay it flat — do not tumble dry! make sure it’s fully dry before storing.

- remember, no bleaching or ironing!

- view here more care tips

do you make suits for babies?

our smallest size, 0-6 months, fits infants up to 6 months old. we recommend size 1 for ages 6 months to 18 months. all babies are so different, so definitely take a peek at the sizing chart on each product page to be sure. 

how does the sizing break down?

we are true to size. although, as you know all bodies are so unique. learn more about minnow sizing here.

do your suits run true to size?

yes, they do! with that, minnow has a slimmer, more european fit. if you're on the fence about sizing, we suggest going up a size so the suit can last a little longer. learn more about our sizing on here.