how to build your child’s confidence in the water

women in minnow suits sitting by pool

taking actionable steps to build water confidence with your child early on can be helpful in alleviating fear and stress that may come up when learning to swim. we asked Abby Walters, founder of Abby’s Aquatic Academy, to share some fun ways to get your child comfortable in and around the water — while making lasting memories this summer. read her tips below!

  1. blow bubbles through cute straws. use silicone straws to blow bubbles in the water. this teaches children the basic technique of blowing water out of their body to prevent water from going up their nose.
  2. sprinkle “raindrops” to get children comfortable with water on their head. eventually, go under water together. this is an easy way to get your child used to having water on their head and around their ears. 
  3. play games. throw toys into the pool and swim out to rescue them. try “red light, green light” on the steps to practice kicks.
  4. teach back floats. encourage “starfish” form with your tummy pushed out and chin up. 
  5. nurture their curiosity and reinforce water safety rules when in and around the water. 

Abby’s Aquatic Academy is a private at-home swim lesson service based in Charleston, South Carolina. Abby and her team provide lessons aimed to build your child’s confidence in and around the water for ages 9 months - 6 years old. 

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