minnow mama : jen rogers

our next minnow mama is jen rogers who we love and adore! we were lucky enough to have jen and her children be a part of our summer americana '18 campaign and have enjoyed building a lasting friendship with her. she is so inspiring and simply wonderful in every way! 

tell us a little about yourself...

hi, i'm jen, mom of three little ones - kael (7), pippa (almost 5) and selah (2). after three whirlwind years as expats in shanghai, we are now back in the US and living in houston, texas. i am currently a stay at home mom and spend most of my days taking the kids to their activities and juggling the needs of three small little ones. 

what brings you the most joy as a mother?

as a mother, my greatest joy is seeing my kids laugh and enjoy one another as siblings. i have always been very close with my siblings and i hope that my three have the same bond. nothing makes me happier than seeing the three of them run and play together. 

your life (or) family motto?

i would say our family motto would probably be "we can do hard things." when we first found out that my husbands job was sending him to china, i was terrified, sad and a little angry to be taken away from my beautiful country.

what we have learned through that scary change was how much we can learn and grow from pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. i think taking a big bite out of life and taking the road less traveled taught our family so much about change, adversity and different cultures, lessons that just can't always be taught in a classroom. we now like to say yes to big adventures, experiencing new places, new people and new food. often times, when we tell people our plans (like living in china and traveling asia with three small kids for three years) they look at us like we are crazy. but for us, it has really added so many priceless memories to our lives. 

what is your favorite beach in the world?

my most favorite beach in the world would have to be either the beaches of hilton head island in south carolina, which is where i grew up going as a child. there is something about the smell in the air when i cross onto the island that just floods back happy memories of me and my family as a child. 

or, this small beach we visited in danang, vietnam tucked on the edge of a mountain that literally took my breath away. never did i ever picture myself on the beaches of vietnam. i cried leaving that place, it was just so gorgeous. 

your text travel destination...

our next travel destination is hilton head island in south carolina with my extended family. to me, there is nothing like getting the cousins together and making good memories that will last a lifetime.