minnow mama : kim kreuzberger

at minnow one of our biggest sources of inspiration is all of you, our #minnowmamas! follow along this mother's day as we share some of the women we adore!
we’re pretty sure “chic” is a prerequisite to working at goop. add to that "extremely sharp + driven" as the chief revenue officer and you have kim kreuzberger. kim is a friend and mentor, not to mention a fantastic mother who does a pretty flawless job of juggling her impressive career and two sweet littles. we love her honesty in discussing motherhood that she doesn’t try to achieve “supermom” status (which can be so depleting), instead focusing on what really matters, being present for her kids.
what is in your beach bag? three different types of sunscreen (face, body, kids), extra set of minnow suits, baby powder, olio e osso for my lips and if i'm not wearing my hat, an oversized beach hat.
favorite beach to take your family?  point dume in malibu
what has surprised you about motherhood?  it's almost too daunting to articulate, if you really think about having children, but it's also the greatest gift in the world.  i can never spend enough time with them (caveat, i have a full time job which helps create a balance) 
what is the greatest lesson you've learned from your own mother? do the best you can.  my mom was never trying to be "supermom" she was trying to get through the busy periods and embrace the calm. i never feel the pressure to be the mom who does every school activity, coaches every sport, and has the best valentine's day cards. i try to be present and be there for my kids, not go into overdrive and completely deplete myself.
what are your favorite family traditions? ever since my dad passed, we try to go away with the family for two weeks over the xmas break. we create new experiences and always turn the holiday into a full blown adventure, which helps cut back on the excessive shopping.  we usually buy a few presents, open them the day before we leave, and then relax together with family (and extended family) during a time when most of the world shuts down. 
what inspires you as a mother?  i want to put two happy and well adjusted kids into the world, that the world is lucky to have. i want them to be kind, well mannered, smart, accountable and free spirited. maybe i should aim for 3 out of 5, and give myself some wiggle room ;)