minnow mama : laura vassar

laura vassar is easily the most stylish mom we know (while we're on the subject, make that the most stylish woman we know)! as a newport beach, ca native, laura has a laid-back sense of style always with the perfect touch of opulence - a balance that we were eager to tap into when collaborating on the brock collection x minnow capsule. laura is not only an insanely talented designer, but an inspirational mother to her beautiful son charlie (six years old). we've had the pleasure of interviewing laura and discovering what's in her beach bag, what has surprised her about motherhood and more! 


if you weren't designing for brock collection, what would you be doing?

interior design - i have a strong fondness for creating inviting and beautiful spaces. i definitely get this from my mother who's been influential over the brock aesthetic. 


what is your creative process like?

i spend a lot of time researching initially, finding old images and sourcing vintage pieces - after that i get to sketching my ideas while selecting fabrics from our french and italian mills. there are stacks and stacks of headers which will surround me during a season - i carefully edit to the ones i can't live without and we develop our collection around those. fabrics are very important to my process as i often layer these materials in our garments. 


what are your interests besides fashion?

traveling is important to me, i love taking charlie on trips as it's a learning experience each time. new places, new cultures, new people - it's always been educational and enjoyable. 


you have such an eye for styling, are there any styling rules you live by?

don't give up on a piece if it doesn't fit off the rack - head to your tailor. a well fitting piece always looks elegant and timeless. it's worth the investment and will add that extra layer of confidence we're always seeking and comes when something fits like a glove. 

who have been some of your favorite women to dress?

i adore dressing my friends and family - especially for special occasions such as weddings. being a part of their big day has always brought me so much joy. i also love seeing my mother in our clothes - it makes me feel like we're doing something right when she's in our collection. 


where do you find inspiration from, for yourself and your son?

very often our travel inspires us. europe is somewhere that we're fond of and i can't wait until we can get back to italy for fittings. we're hoping we'll be able to pop over to france to visit our favorite mills once everything gets back to normal. we also seek inspiration in the outdoors, charlie is very inquisitive these days and loves to learn - he asks a lot of questions. being outside in nature is a great way to have him explore and spark his curiosity. 

what has surprised you about motherhood? and what have you discovered about yourself in becoming a mother?

i think how innate it is to put your child first was surprising at first. it comes so naturally. charlie is my priority, so being about to juggle his needs along with our company needs has been a great learning experience. i've learned so much about motherhood and i've discovered how important family is and cherishing our time together. 

how do you re-energize or take care of yourself?

hot yoga is a great way for me to take care of my body and mind. i try to make a few sessions a week. it's challenging and allows me to clear my head. the end of a session is incredibly gratifying and sets me a good path for the day ahead. 


SoCal or NYC?


what is your favorite beach?

my parents have a small dock off the back of their home on balboa peninsula. this has to be my favorite beach. 

do you have any summer traditions?

we'll take the boat out at my parents around sunset - it's so refreshing and enjoyable to do this with my family and friends. we'll sit out until the sun goes down and then some!

what is in your beach bag?

sunscreen - always natural and something that both charlie and i can share. 

water + kombucha - since i'm always drinking one of the two. 

usually cut off shorts, but i'm looking forward to my minnow pareo this season. 

and brock silk cashmere cardigan - always good to have a layer. 

what does 'sunshine awaits' mean to you?

an uplifting and positive start to a new day.