minnow mama : weezie girls!

We are thrilled to introduce our newest minnow mamas!  The co-founders of Weezie, Liz Eichholz and Lindsey Johnson - trusted experts in modern luxury towels and co-creators of our first ever children's coverup!  We sat down with Liz & Lindsey to chat about everything from motherhood, where they find their style inspo, and what #sunshineawaits means to them!

Meet Liz, Creative Director of Weezie and mama to two precious girls, Tempe and Eadie. See where she finds her style inspo from and what’s inside her beach bag!

As the Creative Director of Weezie, where do you find style inspiration from for yourself? And your daughters?

I’ve started a ritual of reading something that inspires me in the mornings–recently I’ve subscribed to a bunch of print magazines (in the pre-COVID world, I typically picked them up at the airport!) and refreshed some of my coffee table books. I’ve found such great inspiration in both (Flower Magazine and this coffee table book are recent standouts)!

What does a typical summer weekend look like for you and your family?

Living in Savannah, we find ourselves packing up the car to head to Tybee more weekends than not! We plan a playlist, load up a cooler, and park ourselves under an umbrella for a day of sun and sandcastles.

How did you discover minnow and what initially drew you to the brand?

I’ve been such a fan of Minnow since seeing it on my niece about 3 year ago. I think she was the first kid I saw wearing it and immediately asked what brand it was! I was so drawn to the classic shapes and patterns–no cuter suits!

What’s in your beach bag?

Peek inside my Bogg bag and you’ll find a Weezie beach towel or two, Supergoop glowstick, Birkenstocks, matching swimsuits for my girls (For Tempe, for Eadie) and our new Weezie x Minnow coverups!

What brings you the most joy as a mother? 

Seeing my girls smile and laugh gives me immeasurable joy. I’m getting my first smiles from my 2 months old and my 2.5 year old is at the funniest age, she keeps us laughing all day long with her antics. Nothing feels better than seeing them happy. They’re at such innocent ages and their happiness is so pure and uncomplicated. I know it won’t be that way forever so I’m soaking it up while I can!

As the co-founder of a small business, how have you been managing work, motherhood, and everything else during the shutdowns?

With helpful in-laws that live a few houses away, a husband that takes on half of the load and a godsend of a nanny–it takes a village, as they say. I’ve been incredibly grateful and abundantly lucky to have so much help around me. I know this isn’t the case for so many mamas during this hard time and my heart goes out to those trying to do so much on their own–it is not easy.

What does “sunshine awaits” mean to you right now?

the beach is one of the only things keeping my husband and me sane this summer during quarantine. We go every single weekend. During the week when I’m starting to go extra crazy, I am reminded that sunshine (and a reset) literally awaits at the finish line of the week ;)  

Meet Lindsey, CEO of Weezie and new mama to baby girl Miller. She shares how Weezie was started and what “sunshine awaits” means to her!

What is the story/inspiration behind Weezie towels?

Liz approached me for the idea with Weezie while I was at Columbia Business School. She had just moved from New York to Savannah, was newly married, and on the hunt for fresh towels.  Unfortunately, the process proved to be frustrating and overwhelming: the jargon was confusing, quality was unpredictable, and embroidery options were archaic.  What should have been an enjoyable experience really fell flat. As we dug into the idea, it quickly became clear there was a gap in the market for a go-to, luxury bath towel brand.

 A year and a half of customer research and product development later, we launched Weezie in October 2018.

What is your favorite beach in the world? Why?

Probably the Hamptons for the escape it provided from the hustle and bustle of NYC for the 10 years it was home, but right now I am definitely missing the beaches abroad. Last summer we spent a week in the south of France and the weather was perfect, the food and wine were amazing, and the scene/people watching just cannot be beat.

What’s a Weezie towel product you cannot live without?

Our short robe! We designed it specifically with warmer temps in mind. We nixed the collar and shortened the hemline for the perfect summer throw-on.

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl! What has been most surprising about motherhood?

Thank you! How quickly my priorities changed! Everyone said it would happen, but I didn’t fully grasp the extent of what that meant until she arrived.

How do you treat yourself (or as you would say at Weezie, how do you like to #enjoythestay)?

I am a sucker for a massage (even just an extra 15 minutes at the nail salon) and I have been seriously missing these during COVID! I have made up for it with long walks and probably too much wine :)

What does “sunshine awaits” mean to you right now?

Sunshine awaits is such a great reminder that very few things in life are permanent. No matter how difficult times might be, sunshine awaits is a great reminder to look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, and in the meantime appreciate the silver linings!